Tuesday, August 9, 2011

65-51 Rangers 9 Mariners 2

Charlie Furbush, if anybody knows who that is (not me) was towing the rubber for the Mariners tonight, and his 4.0 innings of 8 H 6 ER baseball was sub par to say the least. His duel; (if you can call it that) against a very good Matt Harrison tonight netted Furbush the loss and Matt Harrison earned his 10th win of the season (10-8) with 7.0 innings of work giving up only 5 hits and 2 ER. New additions Mike Bell and Koji Uehara didn't even have to work tonight, as Mark Lowe and Darren Oliver took over the 8th and 9th without much trouble. Good to see the good part of the bullpen getting some rest. Nelson Cruz added an RBI double and a solo blast to get his totals up to 74 RBI and 25 HR, putting him at 10th in the AL in RBI and 6th in the AL in RBI. Now we need Mr. Beltre to stop hurting himself, and we might could win this division.


  1. I haven't followed baseball since I lived in texas but the rangers were my favorite team

  2. I love Rangers games! I've been to a few they are just fantastic!

  3. Mr. Beltre stop hurting yourself! Go Rangers