Thursday, August 11, 2011

66-52 Rangers 3 Mariners 4

Derek Holland toiled through 6 innings giving up 7 hits and issuing 5 walks, but managed to dig himself out of jams, only giving up 3 runs, 2 earned. A 2nd inning error on an easy play to the plate cost Holland an early run that would have got him out of the inning. The Rangers came back to tie the game with home runs by Ian Kinsler (18) and Josh Hamilton (14), but new addition to the bullpen Koji Uehera gave up the lead in the 7th and the Rangers never took it back. The Rangers won 2 of 3 in this series, and have today off in preparation for a long road trip.


  1. Bleh, wish Baseball was more international, would love to be able to watch it from here in England.

  2. I love baseball. Fun to watch AND play. :D